Home Removal of Rats, Racoons, Possums, Snakes and more.
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Maryland Handyman Home Page - Wild Thing Humane Animal Removal

The Wild Thing Humane Animal Removal Service is a not only a service, but a standard that we offer to our customers and creatures alike. If you are ridden with pests including; raccoons, possums, snakes, squirrels, rodents and other pesky critters, then contact American Construction Services. With our Wild Thing Service we will send out one of our pros to remove the animal(s) from your home by professionally and humanly trapping them and then we release them back into the wild.

Then our professional construction crew can seal your home to any extent you desire so those pesky critters won't return.

Phone: 410-627-2630 or E-mail: ACSDoItNow@aol.com

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